KATTA UK Knife, Axe and Tomahawk Throwing Competition 2017

Dan “the Man” Mosley has hosted a “Spring Fling” at the Huthwaite site for a few years now, but this year, it’s a bigger event: a UK national championship competition. It’s also moved slightly later in the year, from May to June.

So, this year, June 9-11, I plan to be representing SKATTA and Scotland, throwing against the best of the UK throwers, and getting thoroughly trounced in the process. But in a highly enjoyable way.

It’s an international event, in that non-UK throwers are also welcome to compete, though the UK championship rankings will be based only on UK throwers’ scores, in keeping with how other national championship competitions are run.

Details are on Facebook, on the main KATTA page, should you feel inclined to take part.

This year, my main goal – apart from sticking the blades – will be to not get so much sunburn than it takes more than a year to fade, as happened at the World Championships, last time I was at Huthwaite…

— steve